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Rock! Rock! Rock! (1957)


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Ajoutées by Cybernard de Anglais
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This is really a test of sorts, as I've never uploaded a full on movie before (albeit this particular one happens to be public domain.) 1957's "Rock! Rock! Rock!" featured the debut of then-13 year old Tuesday Weld along with many top rock n' roll artists of the day, introduced by the late showman and dee-jay who appropriated the term "rock n' roll" to describe rhythm and blues for mainstream teen consumption...Alan Freed.Note Tuesday Weld's singing voice is dubbed by Connie Francis (who was still an "unknown" at the time) while Teddy Randazzo, who while playing her high school sweetheart, was actually much older, has his SPEAKING voice dubbed(!) to make him sound "younger" during the (admittedly) insipid dialogue.However, rock n' roll movies at the time were more noted for the music than such trivial things such as plot, acting, storyline, meaningful dialogue, cinematography, etc., so you'll get an earful of top boppin' rock n' roll in this quickie.Enjoy it while you can, 'cause this will be yanked in a few weeks to be replaced by the same movie...with a few extras added to it...

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