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Leo Marjane - L'arc en ciel "Over The Rainbow" 1939


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Leo Marjane acc. par Raymond Legrand et son Orchestre -- L'arc en Ciel (Over The Rainbow) du film „Le Magicien d'Oz" (Marc Cab / Harold Arlen), Disque „Gramophone" ca. 1939---------------------------------From:„...the songs of Leo Marjane (b. 1912, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, d. 2007, Paris) [ keep] grabbing our attention. She strikes us as the quintessential French chanteuse with her cool delivery and detached passion. The irony is that her biggest success was during the war when she sang French versions of American standards like „Music, Maestro Please", „Deep Purple" and „September in the Rain". Apparently her love of foreign chansons got the better of her as she allegedly entertained the occupying Nazis in Paris with a little too much enthusiasm". Accused for collaboration after 1945, she withdrew from her artistic career.

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