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Balloon Death Row - CNI 500mW Green Laser Popping 23 Balloons


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CNI Portable Green Laser - PGL-III-C 532nm at 500mW, popping 23 balloons placed in a row.Notice the bits of rubber flying in the air.I used a masking tape to hold them to the floor so they don't move and placed the laser on several books so it also doesn't move.The farthest balloon is 6 meters (19.5 feet) from the laser.The music is Beethoven 9th symphony, I thought it fits the plot.The crackling sounds at the end is the masking tape peeling off the floor.Edit: To all those interested in how I got it and how it cost - go to laser pointer forums (google it), and see the group buys section, and you can also find reviews there.Edit: I have a new movie here: q0

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