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Rina Ketty - Nuits sans toi (1939)


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Rina Ketty (neé Rina Piccheto, 1911 in Torino, Italy)emerged in Paris in the late 1930s as the famous accordeon vituoso, Jean Vaissade's lover (and later - his wife). Her small, yet strong and crystal clear voice soon became one of the best known voices in the field of French romantic song. Rina did not have any musical education, her only singing practice being the convent choir in her native town. Her partnership with such experienced and sophisticated artist as Vaissade, who wrote lot of the most beautiful songs for her, made her a star. Her most famous hit was just before WW II the slow-fox "J'attendrai" - although originally Italian (composed by Dino Olivieri) became, due to her interpretation, the international schlager and an evergreen still played today. Recording: Rina Ketty - Nuits sans toi (tango chanté)(Chanty/Marbot) Pathé 1939

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