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Cab Calloway - Zaz Zuh Zaz (1933)


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Ajoutées by Cybernard de Années 20 & 30
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Now, here's a very entrancing phrase,It will put you in a daze,To me it don't mean a thing,But it's got a very peculiar swing!Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zay  ,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zay!Now  , zaz-zuh-zaz was handed downFrom a bloke down in Chinatown;It seems his name was Smoky Joe,And he used to hi-de-hi-de-ho.Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-za z-zuh-zay,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh -zay!When Smoky Joe came into townAnd he kicked the gong around,Any place that he would goMinnie the Moocher she was sure to go,With her zaz-zuh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zay,Zaz-zuh-zaz-z uh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zay!It makes no difference where you go,There's one thing that they sure do know:There's no need for them to be blue,For the zaz-zuh-zaz will always see them through!Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-z ay,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zaz,Zaz-zuh-zaz-zuh-zay!24 -May-2009

Mots-clés : Cab, Calloway

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