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Lucienne Dugard - Quand le printemps vient


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Ajoutées by Cybernard de Années 40 & 50
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French singer Lucienne Dugard became well known to French audiences as the voice of "Snow White", singing "Un jour mon prince viendra/One day my prince will come". Later during the occuption she recorded songs from German movies, especially songs written for Marika Rökk, whose singing voice she frequently dubbed in the French versions. This song is from "Kora Terry/Cora Terry",released in Paris on 9/4/1941. According to several publications concerning cinema during the occupation in France, the movie, with Marika Rökk in a double role was well liked.The song "Wenn es Frühling wird" is sung twice in the movie, once in a slow version and in the finale in an upbeat tempo(as Marika Rökk dances to it as well). It is a song with Hungarian influences recalling lost love when spring comes...Picture of Lucienne Dugard at the beginning and end, slideshow of Marika Rökk.All pictures and images from personal collection

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