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A. J. Pesenti et son orchestre - Tout nous parle d'amour (1938)


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Please activate the HD function(720p) before watching the video or watch it with a larger type player in 480p! This in order to avoid serious sound distortion (as YT continues to reduce sound quality and does not activate HD or HQ playback automatically)."Avant de mourir" (lit. Before I die) was composed by famed Romanian violinist, composer and conductor Georges Boulanger (1893-1958). It is a beautiful haunting sad melody which became a enormous hit for Boulanger. In 1939 English lyrics were added to the music and "Avant de mourir" became "My prayer" -recorded by the orchestra of Glenn Miller and other bands... In France "Avant de mourir" was featured in the Casino de Paris spectacle "Amours de Paris" starring Maurice Chevalier. The title was changed to "Tout nous parle d'amour" (lit. Everything speaks to us of love) although another set of lyrics with the title "Ma prière" was written as well....In 1958 the song was revived by The Platters and spent 21 weeks at number 1 in the US charts.The version presented in this video was recorded by the orchestra of AJ Pesenti - a popular tango orchestra from the late 1930s...The video features images of Paris from the 1930s....About the record :PathéPA. 1673/ mx. CPT 4528Paris,1939Record in quite good condition. This record was transferred with a 78rpm phono preamp and Orofon Om78 cartridge and stylus in order to get an acceptable 78rpm playback.

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