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Rose Avril - Chaque soir, j'attends l'amour (1938)


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It is well known Zarah Leander dubbed the songs of all her movies for the French speaking market. In 1938 she cut 4 recordings of her hits in French : "Yes, Sir!", "Il pleût sans trêve", "Un désir pour toi" and " Le vent m'a dit une chanson". No further commercial recordings were made. In France her songs were well known and often recorded by artists such as Damia, Lucienne Delyle, Annie Rozane, Eva Busch or Rose Avril. Miss Avril recorded "L'amour est mon seul réve/Mein Leben für die Liebe" from "Die grosse Liebe" (1942) and this song, which is her version of "Jede Nacht ein neues Glück", Zarah Leander's big number from "Damals" which can be found on YouTube."Damals" was released in Paris as "Le Foyer perdu" on 08/09/1943. It should also be noted that miss Leander's movies were distributed in countries like France, Belgium or Holland before the war.The first and last picture show Rose Avril, the others are a slideshow of Zarah LeanderAll pictures/images from personal collection

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