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Homemade Laser Gun FPV Drone Bot with Camera!!!


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This crawling drone bot is fitted with a powerful 2W death ray laser, along with a digital camera and a radio transmitter. Now I can sit on my couch in front of a TV screen while shooting things around my apartment. It's like a video game, but actual things are being destroyed!!In case you haven't seen it already, here is the first version of this drone that I built: WAYS wear laser goggles when working with lasers over 5mW to prevent permanent blindness!!The base of this drone bot is a robot toy called the Attacknid, which is even really cool unmodified! And to make it even better, the INVENTOR of that toy (and along with a giant version) is here on YouTube and posts really cool videos. got the 2W laser diode from DTR's laser shop: videos are in the works, so be sure to subscribe!

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