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EVA BUSCH - BEL AMI (French/German)


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Ajoutées by Cybernard de Années 40 & 50
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Eva Busch brings us her elegant Franco-German version of the hit song "Bel Ami" from the same movie directed by and starring Willi Forst. Forst was known for his very elegant movies, directing among others Martha Eggerth, Paula Wessely and most famously, Pola Negri in "Mazurka"... Very often his movies were a celebration of the old Vienna as was the case with "Operette", "Wiener Blut" and "Wiener Madeln". "Bel Ami" is of course based on the same novel by French author Guy de Maupassant... Many saw in it a hidden criticism of the nazi-regime others remarked the Paris he recreated in his movie was reminiscent of the old Vienna...The song "Bel Ami", sung in the movie by Lizzi Waldmüller became an instant hit... It preceded the movie to occupied Paris as Eva Busch recorded it in October 1940, but the movie only had its Paris premiere in April 1941. It was recorded by numerous singers, most famously by Lucienne Delyle and Tino Rossi. The movie itself was apparently well liked by its audience...Slideshow of Eva Busch, the stars of the movie and the 78rpm record.SEE VIDEO RESPONSE for the B-side : "Le Clocher de mon coeur".All pictures/images from personal collection.

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