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Eva Busch - Quand vous passerez devant ma maison (1940)


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Please activate the HD function(720p) before watching the video or watch it with a larger type player in 480p! This in order to avoid serious sound distortion (as YT continues to reduce sound quality and does not activate HD or HQ playback automatically).Eva Busch (1909-2001) started her career as singer and Weimar Berlin' s cabaret scene.... It was there that she met her future husband - the famous communist actor and singer Ernst Busch.When the Nazis came to power in 1933, Eva Busch and her husband left Germany. They went to Holland where she appeared on radio and made recordings in several languages. She even went to the USA to make a few records. After she and Ernst Busch divorced, Eva settled in Paris to continue her singing career. Her German citizenship was revoked in 1937. At the outbreak of WWII she was detained with other Germans in Gurs, but was let go after a few weeks, since it was well known she was anti-nazi. She returned to Paris and continued her career, now in the occupied Paris...In 1941, on the third day of her show at the ABC Music Hall, she was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to Ravensbrück, where she was a political prisoner for almost 3 years. "The hatred kept me alive", she would later comment... Finally, her mother Emmy Burg-Zimmermann, a well known opera singer managed to get her out. Eva, however, now had to perform for military and civilian audiences in Germany...After the war she and Ernst Busch were reunited in the ruins of Berlin. Eva Busch returned to France in november 1945 and resumed her career. She meets journalist George Sinclair and the 2 women share their lives until George's death in 1985...Eva Busch had a succesful career after the war and made a lot of recordings. She was also a frequent guest in talk shows and wrote an autobiography called "Und Trotzdem". She was also the subject of a documentary shown on the ARTE channel in Europe."Quand vous passerez devant ma maison" (lit. "Whenever you pass by my house") is a love song composed by Johnny Hess.Te video shows images of Paris in the firsr year of the occupation - these propaganda images were made in order to show life in Paris going on as if nothing had happened....About the record :ColumbiaDF. 2841 / CL. 7409Paris,1940/41Record with alot of surface noise, a excerpt of track prior to restoration is included at the end of the video.This record was transferred with a 78rpm phono preamp and Orofon Om78 cartridge and stylus in order to get an acceptable 78rpm playback.

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