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Long Range Multirotor FPV 5.7km on OFM Reptile 650 Quad


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Description 650/OFM Reptile 650 Folding Quadcopter is specially designed to keep aerial surveillance and long range FPV in mind. Well when it comes to long range FPV on Multirotors we do not mean to go 10km but now with OFM Brute Q1200, GQuad-X4, OFM Q7 ASD and this new OFM Reptile 650, its very much possible to do a good 5km to 6km FPV Flights on GPS position hold mode Cruising speed. Using Futaba 10CG Radio System we can offer a 4km solid Control range to our customers. Check out this new upcoming OFM Reptile 650 FPV and Aerial Surveillance quadcopter in action. Reptile 650s unique folding design turns this 650 size machine into a small fly that will fit easily inside your backpack. Easy carrying, easy storage and just few seconds needed to deploy on the field, Reptile 650 will bring you all the long range FPV Joy and Superb Aerial surveillance for all purposes. You can also instantly turn it into an Aerial filming rig by quickly adding Landing skids and Brushless Camera gimbal. Instantly start shooting pro videos. And when you need to go long range, remove landing gear and brushless gimbal and enjoy a light weight long range FPV quadcopter in your hands.This is the Fast Forward version of OFM Reptile 650's long range FPV Flight onboard video shot using GoPro 3 and also a look at OFM Reptile 650 Quadcopter plus a little talk about its features. You will also see Google earth maps and GPS Logs for the Flight data. Background sounds volume reduced and music is added. Rest is all raw go pro footage. No Fast Forward, no effects, and no stabilization added. Royalty Free Music by e for your Multirotor Battery needs. These cells have the highest energy density of any Lipo on the market, providing you with the most power and the longest flight times. Combine this with their proven reliability you can't go wrong. To receive a discount on your next purchase, use code "AliShanMao" when you check out.http://www.MaxAmps.comComments and feedback welcome at , and Don't forget to visit , and Subscribe to and

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